Breaking The Three Month Blogging Barrier Without losing your head

I overheard a very excited conversation between a student and her friend on the mobile just before Christmas – overheard, or that could just be described as nosing in on – she had started her blog! Her friend must have been really excited too because the one at my end screamed and exclaimed “I know, I’ll have an audience now!”

Or maybe not! I wished her well with her blogging endeavors and came away hoping that she would get through that famous three month blogging barrier, those first awkward months where it’s less like a blog and more like a personal diary to the imaginary friend. Trouble is, even if you make it past those three months you still have an unimaginable amount of work ahead. Still, why does it take so long to establish a blog and how can you make sure you don’t fall by the wayside?

  • Plan

Planning is the next step on from visualizing. You want to know very truthfully, how many posts you can commit to and how often. Most people with busy lives aim for one post per week, and in infancy this is the very least you would expect from a baby blog. Others aim too high at one per day and find they can’t fulfill it. Others think once a month can cut it. I think it’s fair to say that once a week seems the most agreeable – at least one piece of new information weekly. Now think, can you keep this up for three months?

  • Motivate Yourself

Presumably you want to write a blog because you have already followed several other blogs. Reading is a massive motivator in the pursuit of writing. I read a great post by a fellow blogger and it instantly inspires me to start crafting something new. Get a blog reader or bookmark as many of your favorites as possible. Look to others for inspiration, there’s room for us all to be creative.

  • Stay Focused
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The internet is a great place to get distracted or go on a virtual tour. When blogging I encounter that problem myself with the main culprits for leading me a merry dance being Facebook, Topshop, Ebay and Spotify. Don’t give in! Avoid temptation by allowing yourself to browse only after the post has been made. It’s a great way of devising posts in advance too so that you know exactly what you need to write before you so much as even think of opening a browser window.

  • Create Social Media Networks

Sometimes it can feel as though your blog will never take off and that’s why most bloggers give up within the first three months. Social media sites and networks are great ways to add new life and instant community to your blog as well as boosting your readership and your earnings…(but we’ll get to that in future posts). Create a Facebook page for the blog, get it set up on Twitter and bookmark your posts like crazy. Like-minded people WILL JOIN IN and this interest will spur you on.

  • Monetization

Making money from online traffic all depends on the amount of traffic and placement of your advertising. Most people start out with Google Adsense and may progress to running private advertising. If money is a blogging motivator for you then applaud yourself but don’t get to the point where you overdo the banners. It’s possible to generate income through blogging if you keep your topics tight enough to generate relevant advertising and provide excellent content that keeps your audience coming back. Nothing beats those monthly Adsense payments for a blogging job well done.

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